Saturday, January 23, 2010


The four hour move to a more southernly latitude from Tallahassee to St. Petersburg has been felt mostly by my legs. While the mind and spirit takes time to adjust to the freedom of retirement my legs haven't taken any time. They've quickly enjoyed the lack of constriction that comes with wearing board shorts. The lack of constriction like removing a hat you've worn all day long and you can feel the layer of warmth your body built between the cloth and your skin my leg hairs are enjoying the breeze. 

Yesterday we organized the garage where we dumped all of our remaining possessions. We moved the remaining furniture Chris decided to keep into his dad's house which is acting as a holding tank for both us and our possessions as we ready for our voyage. After twenty eight years of accumulating the things we humans accumulate things like photos, cheese graters, coffee mugs, basketball card collections and things you're not even sure why you have I've been able to reduce my possessions to six regular size moving boxes. The size boxes you imagine when you hear the word box. Two of which are tax documents I'm too afraid to throw away. The other items consist of a box of chocolate type assortment of  stuff you'd find in the part of a store labeled "Decorating & Accessories" and "Dining & Entertaining" like a set of large coffee mugs I've spent too many mornings with to throw away.

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