Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pirates and Other Nuisances

If the old game show Family Feud posed the statement "I'm moving to the Caribbean." "What are you going to do about pirates?" would be the number one scoring response. It is the number one response we've received at least by people who believed we weren't just bullshitting them. This question is kind of like asking someone visiting a zoo what they're going to do if a lion goes incredible hulk and busts through the 6 inch glass and decides to dine on their spleen. The only way to satisfy these people is to tell them we're bringing a gun (were not bringing a gun but the idea of this makes Americans feel better).  The frustration for us is that we have concerns, real concerns that we're asking ourselves about, ones that were asking each other about and ones we've brought to those with more knowledge than us about life at sea (which is pretty much everyone).

We need to learn how to navigate our way around reefs that give people who know what they're doing trouble. We need to learn what it means when our diesel engine starts sounding like the Marlboro Man. We need to understand small engine mechanics, Spanish, how to budget our daily battery consumption. We need to learn how to fish, spearfish and filet them. We need to know how to aim our pee in six foot seas without spraying ourselves.

If anyone has any advice on the above please feel free to share. Otherwise our response to the pirate question is simply as Anna said, "What are we going to do about pirates? What do you mean? We're on their side."

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